ci Fabrics, Inc., based in San Diego, California, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial fabrics, windscreens & netting. ci Fabrics, Inc. was founded July 5th 1978, by Robert W. White. Upon completion of his tour of duty in Vietnam (1969), Robert White returned home and entered into the industrial textile arena. Following 8 years of understudy, Robert became a true pioneer in the industry and began as a manufacturer of accessory items for expandable polystyrene (EPS). In the early 1980’s, the industrial textile industry began to grow, primarily in agricultural shade and frost protection. ci Fabrics continued to grow as well and opened its contract manufacturing division in 1984. ci Fabrics continued to provide quality and ingenuity through the late 80s. It was at this time ci Fabrics began manufacturing windscreen and sight-block for tennis courts, golf courses, and special events. Today ci Fabrics prides itself on offering the fastest, friendliest and most professional service in the industry. The goal at ci Fabrics is to help your business grow… it’s simple, you grow… we grow!